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Welcome to CTS 

Turn Your Dream Home into Reality with Architectural House Plans!

Experience Customization and Builder-Friendly Designs and  Enjoy Faster Turnaround and Lower Costs compared to Traditional Architects, without compromising on Permit-Level Plans or Customization!

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Modern House

Confused about the overly complicated process of design and building?

Overwhelmed by the vast array of selections available?

Not sure how to pass the city zonig and permitting or the steps of the building process?

CTS can help


With 15+ Years of design and contracting experience in DFW, I'm here to assist you every step of the way – From zoning and design to permits. Expect creative solutions, unmatched customer care, and beautifully crafted plans tailored to your vision.

Get Construction/Permit Plans starting at just $1.20 per square foot, including MEPs. Additionally, I offer Zoning Services to ensure a smooth and stress-free Process.

Let's Create Your Dream Home Together!"

Architectural Designs

When you use CTS Architectural Designs, or house plans, you can save on average 30% on building costs by making changes to your designs in 3D before construction begins. With our 3D modeling capabilities, you can visualize and make changes to your designs in a virtual environment, reducing the need for costly on-site changes and revisions. This allows you to make informed decisions about the design and layout of your home, and make any necessary changes before construction begins, resulting in significant cost savings.

Southlake Project 

3D designs and detailed layotus helped the client see thier future office space to make decisions before investing in building.
Thanks to Nilson at Virtous Tile Craftsmanship for the final photos. 
Image by Kam Idris
Image by Andrew Neel
Designers bring your ideas to life with our custom house plans and 3D tailored to fit your client's needs.
Our team will work with them to design the perfect home and create house plans complete with all the layouts you as a  designer need

CTS Design and Building Series
Better late than never. It was a busy week on job sites. 
This is part 6 of the How to Design a Home series where we begin space planning on the third floor and
 discuss color theory.

Untitled 4.jpg

Create your Dream Home

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