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Hey Guys -

We are working on some new business content for you out next week.

Let's cut out the mistakes and get you going. 

What are our goals?

We will cover the following business startups in your online training as well as some great pro tips from our interviews and working with the top contractors in Dallas. Don't waste time. It is not an easy path but when it is laid out before you there is a much better chance of success - and much faster. 

  • 16-19 looking for a weekend gig?

  • 20-25 and ready for full-time work and a life?

  • Never done it before. Starting from scratch after COVID?

  • Your 55 and older looking for that second career?

  • You have one established business and want another? 

  • Your an investor looking for a safe strategy in residential construction?

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What Our Clients Are Doing 





96% of clients who complete our program work full time in the industry

98% of clients that start our program finished their training

88% of clients who complete our program

 work on their own homes

98% of clients that complete our program feel more prepared for their career

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*CTS is a residential construction company and consulting firm. CTS is not an accredited or licensed school with the State of Texas or any other regulating commission. Online materials are only for the enrichment of those signed up and are not a guarantee of increased revenue or guarantee of work performed by those who complete the courses. CTS does not receive government funding, financial aid funding, FASFA, or VA funding. CTS is not financially sponsored by any third party company.  CTS only partners with suppliers for knowledge, training and correct installations of their products . 

You are responsible for your choices. Always check with the city your project is in and the manufacturer of all products and tools you are using before starting every project.  

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