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Contractors Trusted Source (CTS) is an online residential construction training program for how to build or remodel a home. Created for beginners and those growing their companies, CTS takes the complicated processes and reduces them into a clear training format that is easy to learn and easier to implement. CTS, owned by contractors and operated by contractors, takes a look at the industry from their unique point of view and uses real case situation breakdowns to create the materials used on job sites and in-company training.  CTS provides business owners and contractors with clear instructions, video training for their teams, and detailed operations lists for building in a logical and systematic order.  Our goal is to provide information to contractors and their teams in a manner that empowers them to build better and take pride in their work while earning higher profits.


“Every contractor that comes through our program will be equipped to provide the highest quality of work in America”


Caring like you're our own

Planning is the starting point

Communication is our promise

Transparency is our standard

Honesty is our focus

We are accountable to our work

Doing our part and doing it right


“Provide user-friendly  content for the purpose of equipping and supporting America's contractors to produce gold standard quality”

Nielsen Hernandez

​I am a firm believer that education is one of the most important keys to succeed at any aspect , that's one of the beauties of life ; you never stop learning, so taking the 16 week class with CTS was one of the best choices I have made, as a remodeling contractor and professional on the industry you have to be on top of codes and whatever new products and techniques hit the market. CTS has introduced me not only to new vendors and other professional remodelers but my network has expanded tremendously among architects, designers, engineers As well as making new friends along the way 

I will keep in touch with the school support it and be on the next class as soon as they open new courses. 

Our Clients

Shanetra Brown-Armstrong

Contractors Trusted Source was the best thing to happen to my career in the construction industry.  I went into the class not knowing anything about residential construction, but I left with a wealth of information. The modules and expert instructors that took part in the class were invaluable.  

If you decide to attend the Construction Trade School, you will not be sorry!!! 

-Voted Upcoming Contractor to Look Out for by Remodeling Magazine-


How-To video series are simple step-by-step training series for kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, home renovations, additions, and new construction. 

Jose Cardona

  1. ​ 

  2. ​Thanks to CTS I was able to

  3. learn the necessary skills and acquire the courage to start my own business a remodeler. A transition from a 9-5 desk job to a fully booked company with 3 employees. As a Graduate student in finance, I quickly learned that there is plenty of potential in this industry and also that I love working with people; moving around and providing a truly breathtaking service. Thank you, CTS! 

*CTS is a residential construction company and consulting firm. CTS is not an accredited or licensed school with the State of Texas or any other regulating commission. Online materials are only for the enrichment of those signed up and are not a guarantee of increased revenue or guarantee of work performed by those who complete the courses. CTS does not receive government funding, financial aid funding, FASFA, or VA funding. CTS is not financially sponsored by any third party company.  CTS only partners with suppliers for knowledge, training and correct installations of their products . 

You are responsible for your choices. Always check with the city your project is in and the manufacturer of all products and tools you are using before starting every project.  

If you sign up for online training you will use the Thinkific hosting platform and Stripe for your monthly subscriptions.

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