Confused about how to build a home.  What comes first.  How should it be done?  Am I being taken advantage of?

Avoid the high-cost do-over mistakes that make the project cost soar.  

Home Building sessions cover the order of operations and installation process of the most common trades directly from the manufacturer's directions in an easy to understand language.

The classes give you the details you need to know your craft and the language of construction to look professional.

Construction can be confusing but most of the building process can be explained in a classroom. When you understand the concepts of building you can apply them to the field and train your teams in the job. 

The Exteriors and Interiors class allows you to be confident in construction from the beginning and grow your company of family and friends faster and with fewer mistakes. 

You can also feel confident when hiring trades to work for you and not be taken advantage of on jobs. 

Made for beginners in construction and those with gaps in their learning.

*CTS is a residential construction company and consulting firm. CTS is not an accredited or licensed school with the State of Texas or any other regulating commission. Online materials are only for the enrichment of those signed up and are not a guarantee of increased revenue or guarantee of work performed by those who complete the courses. CTS does not receive government funding, financial aid funding, FASFA, or VA funding.

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