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Semi-Custom Kitchen Design

3D renderings provide a realistic representation of a future home. They allow clients to see and evaluate the design from different angles, in different lighting, and from different perspectives.

This helps them better visualize the design, compare costs, and identify potential cost overruns before the build begins, thereby saving time and money. 3D renderings are an invaluable tool for making informed design decisions and ensuring a better end result.

They provide a clear and vivid representation of the proposed design, allowing clients to make better-informed decisions and to more accurately plan the build.


3D renderings can also be used to communicate the design to contractors and other stakeholders, helping to ensure that everyone is on the same page and that the finished product meets everyone's expectations.

Semi-Custom Bathroom Design

There are four types of 3D AutoCAD renderings that can be used to help clients see their home before the build and save time and money:

AutoCAD Stock Image: This type of 3D rendering is generated by the AutoCAD program and includes pre-made products such as cabinets, furniture, and colors. These images provide a quick and easy way to visualize a design without having to manually create each element.

Semi-Custom Image: The semi-custom image starts with the AutoCAD stock image but allows for some customization. Clients can change the size, material, and other small details of the pre-made products to better fit their design vision.

Custom Image: This type of 3D rendering is the most detailed and accurate. The designer imports or creates exact materials in AutoCAD to the design, resulting in a highly customized and realistic rendering of the finished space.

Walkthrough: A 3D walkthrough is a computer-generated animation that allows clients to virtually walk through their home design in either standard or high-resolution rendering paths. This provides clients with a comprehensive view of the space and how it flows together, making it easier to identify potential design problems and make changes before the build begins.

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Shown is a Semi-Custom Design retirement home off the Great Barrier Reef in Australia

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