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Codes for Contractors

You need this training. It is the backbone for submitting permits, passing inspections, and the beginning of good building practices.  It is the "user manual" for contractors

Walk through the 2015 DeWalt Building Handbook alongside the International Residential Codes (IRC) Book  for an overview of your building responsibility. 

$49 a Month Subscription to Unlimited Videos

Over 4,000 Unlimited "How To" Videos  for Beginners in Home Building and Remodeling based on training from professional contractors at the Construction Trade School

Plus Project Kick-Off Checklist Package (12 Checklists)​

Plus Real Walk Through Case Studies​ on every topic (upload updated and new materials through 2021)

Plus Worksheets, quizzes, assessments, and steps for each topic (upload updated and new materials through 2021)


Pass all your inspections with the new updated Cities, permits, and Inspections Series.

Case studies showing how to start wholesale accounts, work with suppliers, meet trades, and more. 

Plus new videos from the DeWalt Building Handbook of Building Codes every week


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Job Roles in Construction, assessments and individual job training playlists are part of your monthly membership

*CTS is a residential construction company and consulting firm. CTS is not an accredited or licensed school with the State of Texas or any other regulating commission. Online materials are only for the enrichment of those signed up and are not a guarantee of increased revenue or guarantee of work performed by those who complete the courses. CTS does not receive government funding, financial aid funding, FASFA, or VA funding. CTS is not financially sponsored by any third party company.  CTS only partners with suppliers for knowledge, training and correct installations of their products . 

You are responsible for your choices. Always check with the city your project is in and the manufacturer of all products and tools you are using before starting every project.  

If you sign up for online training you will use the Thinkific hosting platform and Stripe for your monthly subscriptions.

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