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Our way of giving back. CTS continues to create videos for new and growing companies. The same material from our Non-Profit 501C3 Construction Trade School General Contractor seminars held in Dallas from 2015-2020. For only $49 a month you can have access to the training we offered during the in class sessions held at CTS plus new material not available before. Real world answers to on the job problems. Cancel at any time. 

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New Series Sept 9, 2022-
How to Draw (Draft) Blueprints in Chief Architect

$49 a Month Subscription to Unlimited Videos

Over 5,000 Unlimited "How To" Videos  for Beginners in Home Building and Remodeling based on training from professional contractors at the Construction Trade School

Getting Started. The most common jobs in construction and the best way to set up a company. 

Plus Project Kick-Off Checklist Package (12 Checklists)​

How to draw and read blueprints with Chief Architect. 

The basics of Interior Design and how it keeps the budget in check on the job. 


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