A Better Way to Build

It can be very confusing sorting through all the information in the homebuilding industry. There hundreds of thousands of products, many different ways to install products, and countless ideas on how to run a business.

This is where CTS comes in.

We started in the industry in 2009 by meeting with every supplier, engineer, business owner, and contractor available. Our goal as beginners was to get to what works in the field. We love efficiency and hate cutting corners. Any process we use needs to work well the first time and produce a large profit.

CTS spends time in the field working with clients to build beautiful, thoughtful, cost-effective homes of higher quality that are easy to sell at a higher profit margin. We take what we learn and turn them into videos for online learning.

As founders of the Construction Trade School, we had the privilege of meeting hundreds of successful business owners and suppliers. We collected their wisdom, insights and education and put together not only training videos but checklist systems you can use on your jobs.

It is all about research, planning, and thoughtful checklist systems that reduce mistakes and wasted time.

If you are ready to start building or want to get building faster and with higher quality, we invite you to join our training community and learn A Better Way to Build.

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