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Pre Designed House Plans
Starting  Feb 28

Get ready for an exciting announcement from CTS! Starting February 25th, we will be launching a new line of sought-after CTS Studio Select pre-designed homes, townhomes, apartments, additions, and remodeling plans. Our valued clients can now enjoy more affordable options, without sacrificing style or quality. With the ability to modify the designs to fit your unique taste, and a new credit card purchasing option, creating your dream living space has never been easier. Keep a lookout for our upcoming launch and be the first to take advantage of these exciting offerings to turn your home design vision into reality.

Two new Pre Made Plans Added Every Week 
Check Back Often!

Pre Made Plans come with :

Exterior Elevations (front, rear, left & right sides) typically include:

  • Floor and ceiling heights

  • Dimensions of standard windows

  • Dimensions of roof overhangs

  • Height and location of foundation indicated in dashed lines

  • Type of finishing and textures (we write siding, horizontal or vertical but not the company)

  • Dimension and height of chimney (dimensions yes but the height is determined by the local building code)

Foundation plans typically include:

  • All exterior and interior dimensions

  • Location of stairwell

  • Location and sizes of windows

  • Location and dimensions of footings (where applicable and required)

Floor plan(s) typically include:

  • All interior and exterior dimensions (included but not as a schedule)

  • Location and sizes of doors and windows

  • Indication of the structure above (second floor or roof)

  • Indication of details that are available on other pages

  •  HVAC, electrical and plumbing.

Roof plans typically include:

  • Location of all the different trusses needed

  • The general overcharge of the roof compared to the floor footprint underneath

Building cross-section(s) and truss details typically include:

  • All the different floor and ceiling heights

  • Dimensions and details of overhangs

  • Roof pitch on all truss sections

Construction details typically include:

  • Roof sections

  • Sections of concrete wall with wood connection

  • Section of walls with particulars called out

  • Section of concrete porch and connection with wood frame

  • Foundation particulars in the garage entrance

  • Components of certain types of walls (ex: between garage and living quarters)

Typical wall sections typically include;

  • All the details and components needed in the construction of a house, including window section in a typical wall, connection between floor and exterior wall with their components, framing to code

Caution!  Read This Before Getting Started

Before beginning your building project, check with your local building department about local codes and requirements, as you may need to obtain engineering, stamping, sealing, etc. Usually, the plan set does not include any plumbing, heating or air conditioning drawings due to the vast variety of local codes and climatic conditions. These details and specifications can be accessed from your builder, contractor, and/or local suppliers.

All house plans on Contractors Trusted Source (CTS) Drafting and Design are designed to conform to the building codes from when and where the original house was designed, Dallas TX.

Modifying a Plan

Do you have a vision for your dream home but need help bringing it to life? Let our team of drafters and designers customize a plan to fit your needs. With direct access to our in-house experts, you can take a pre-designed plan and make it your own in no time. Make your home truly unique with our tailored design services and never worry about dealing with an unknown source or overseas company. Pre-made plans are the perfect starting point to creating a home that is truly your own. The possibilities are up to you!


We understand that no two projects are the same, and sometimes you may need to make changes to a plan you have purchased. Our team of plan drafters is here to help. With just a few details from you, they will review your customization request and provide you with a quote for the extra fees associated with the modifications. Contact us today and get a response within 1-2 business days.

Call 945-240-1485 for a fast quote 

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