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Architectural Design

It’s no surprise, we love a good design challenge, and it starts with your story. We know light and color, we know angles, we know atmosphere, we just need an opportunity to get to know you. Contractor or homeowner, schedule a phone consultation. We’d love to hear from your and talk about your project or home. 

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Building Plans

Zoning Code is oriented toward how a project fits into a community: it regulates setbacks, types of uses, height, parking requirements, design (for some types of projects) and similar concerns. The City is divided into zoning districts and each zoning district will have its own set of regulations.

In addition to these codes, subdivision of land is regulated under the Subdivision Ordinance, and other regulations may apply to particular types of projects, including FEMA, Corp of Engineer's, Overlays and the Fire Code.

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Architectural Plans

Building Code is oriented toward ensuring that structures are constructed to an appropriate standard and are safe for the uses intended.  Application for most Building Permits must be accompanied by detailed construction drawings. 

These plans are comprehensive drawings of buildings that represent the completed project. These may also be called blueprints, floor plans or house plans. 

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Full architectural sets of your designs or sketches turned into AutoCAD and PDF files. CTS also offers prescriptive measures as outlined by your local municipalities interpretation of the IRC or  IBC. We have example plan sets and references per request. 

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In-house rendering services made flexible to your needs. We offer conceptual, semi-photorealistic, and photorealistic renderings catered to your timeline and budget to help you get a good look at your project before moving forward. We render it all, from furniture and fixtures to cityscapes. 



Not sure where to start? With over 26 combined years of building experience, CTS offers clients advice on architecture, provides definitions of what projects entail, and advise how to set up projects.


Site Measurement


GC Consulting



Our efficient methods for as-built drawings allow us the opportunity to spend time informing the process and the design approach while still providing a budget friendly service. Our As-built drawings are CAD based PDF’s that can be shared with other industry professionals for bidding or design development.. 

Let CTS Drafting and Design review your general plan and building documents for your next project. We offer expert advise in building to code, building materials, construction, feasibility, budget and much more. 

Our venture into automated systems are at the core of our business model, which enables us to operate with very little overhead. We’ve developed efficient filing, drafting, modeling, and rendering methods and work collaboratively as a team to provide expert service to our community at fair market rates.