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Custom Architectural  Plans

"House Plans"

$1.20sf include:

($600 min)

  • Floor Plans - black and white outlines of the house outside walls and rooms inside the home

  • Dimensioned Plans - floor plans with room measurements and room area for the trades and contractor bidding and building.

  • Demolition Plans- 2D floor plans showing areas to be altered or removed.

  • Reference Plans- 2D and 3D overlays of the existing home and the revision changes

  • Elevations - black and white sketches of the 4 outside walls

  • Roof Plane Plans - panels showing the angles of the roof for the roofers

  • Electrical Layouts - your outlets, switches, lighting fixtures, electrical boxes, GFCI and AFCI locations and smoke detectors

  • Plumbing Layouts - for you sinks, refrigerator, hot water heaters, showers, tubs toilets and other plumbing fixtures.

  • HVAC locations - the initial location of the furnace, air handler, heat pump or air conditioning unit

  • Insulation notes - showing the type and R-value of the insulation for walls and ceiling

  • Interior elevations - when necessary, these are black and white  sketches with measurements of the walls for for ceiling changes, floor height changes, cabinets, trim and other details. 

  • Stair details - black and white sketches of the stairs and all the measurements for bidding and building.  

  • Window and Door schedules - a list of window and door sizes, materials, and fire escape information, for your builder and the city, that go with the window and door floor plan.

  • Detail drawings - blown up black and white sketches of any details we feel the builder needs to know to avoid mistakes. 

  • Black and white 3D sketches and 2 color 3D images.

  • Layouts - putting all the information into a multi page format that you call the house plans.  

  • Please see Additional Services if you need revisions or for your home to meet building codes.

  • Small homes and unique homes call for an estimate

Code Services:

Code Compliance - Bring your ideas for the home up to local building codes for you or for permitting $120hr 

  • Electrical notes - Code notes and diagrams for your builder

  • Plumbing notes - Code notes and diagrams for your builder

  • HVAC notes - Code notes and diagrams for your builder (HVAC company details necessary)

  • Stair notes - Code notes and diagrams for your builder

  • Code Notes - any additional notes that are specific to your home building.

  • Building notes - an additional set of our most used notes  for your builder

  • CTS Custom Plans come code compliant

Additional Services:


  • Revisions- changes to the first set of plans $120hr with an estimate.

  • ​CTS Site plans for the zoning department for new homes and additions $360 in most cases 

  • CTS 3D Concept Designs 

  • As-Built Plans $1.20sf

  • Convert sketches to AutoCAD files ($1.20sf)

  • Convert DWG files to editable AutoCAD files ($1.20sf)

  • DWG files for engineers ($480)

  • Home measuring ($360)

  • Measure you own home training (free)

  • Google Team online meeting to go over your project estimate (free)

CTS Project Services

  • Estimates*

  • Online meetings*

  • Video overviews*

  • Video links to share* 

  • 3D images*

  • Sketches*

  • Real Time updates*

  • Detailed workflow lists*

  • Google Team online meeting to give you ideas ($120hr)

  • Job site visits ($360 per hour)

  • In person meeting for ideas ($360 per hour with a two hour minimum

* Included in House Plans​

Modern Kitchen
Modern Interior Design
Modern Bathroom

Clients Love Us!

Thank you, Jennifer!  It’s been a pleasure working with you, Syndgen and Jules!  I can’t wait for this project to begin!  I’ll send pics when it’s all done. Sorry, I sound like my 7 year old wants her dance room for Christmas

Thanks again for making the process stress free! - Jamie W Keller TX 1,500sf attic addition

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