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Services and Pricing

At CTS we use new technology to provide you with the highest quality house plans and custom services. Our base house plans start at just $1.20 per square foot and any additions, changes or design you'd like to make to the plans are billed at an hourly rate of $120 with a detailed estimate. 

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House Plans $1.20sf include:

  • Floor Plans - black and white outlines of the house outside walls and rooms inside the home

  • Dimensioned Plans - floor plans with room measurements and room area for the trades and contractor bidding and building.

  • Elevations - black and white sketches of the 4 outside walls

  • Roof Plane plans - panels showing the angles of the roof for the roofers

  • Electrical Locations - your outlets, switches, lighting fixtures, electrical boxes, GFCI and AFCI locations and smoke detectors

  • Plumbing Locations - for you sinks, refrigerator, hot water heaters, showers, tubs toilets and other plumbing fixtures.

  • HVAC locations - the initial location of the furnace, air handler, heat pump or air conditioning unit

  • Insulation notes - showing the type and R-value of the insulation for walls and ceiling

  • Interior elevations - when necessary, these are black and white  sketches with measurements of the walls for for ceiling changes, floor height changes, cabinets, trim and other details. 

  • Stair details - black and white sketches of the stairs and all the measurements for bidding and building.  

  • Window and Door schedules - a list of window and door sizes, materials, and fire escape information, for your builder and the city, that go with the window and door floor plan.

  • Detail drawings - blown up black and white sketches of any details we feel the builder needs to know to avoid mistakes. 

  • Black and white 3D sketches and 2 color 3D images.

  • Layouts - putting all the information into a multipage format that you call the house plans.  

  • Please see additional services if you need your home to meet building codes.

  • Small homes and unique homes call for an estimate

Design Services

  • Interior Design help can include selecting paint colors, plumbing and lighting products, what style, finishes, such as counter, flooring, plumbing, lighting, paint and texture selections, backslash, hardware, mill work selections.

  • Custom cabinet designs and layouts - show each cabinets size, material, shelving, accessories, heights, colors and details. 

  • Tub and Shower designs and layouts - help selecting tile, designing the patterns, accessories, measurements, and details.  

  • Reflected Ceiling Designs - showing the lighting layouts in detail.

  • Appliance selections - help with choosing appliances, measuring for fit, placing them n the plans. measuring for a correct fit and making sure the correct plumbing and electrical for you specific appliances are placed by the appliance

  • Finish schedules showing flooring choices, wall textures and colors, trim colors and details in a room by room chart. Great for contractors.

  • Exterior Design such as brick, siding, and other cladding selections

  • Organizing  product  measurements, making sur they will fit and have the connections details.

  • Mill work designs - baseboards, wainscoting, coffers, crown molding and other wood or wood like products and designs

  • Roof materials selections - help with the correct roofing material for you style


Code Services:

Code Compliance - Bring your ideas for the home up to local building codes for you or for permitting $120hr (if we create the house plans this will be in your estimate)

  • Electrical notes - Code notes and diagrams for your builder

  • Plumbing notes - Code notes and diagrams for your builder

  • HVAC notes - Code notes and diagrams for your builder

  • Stair notes - Code notes and diagrams for your builder

  • Code Notes - any additional notes that are specific to your home building.

  • Building notes - an additional set of our most used notes  for your builder

Additional Services:


  • Site plans for the zoning department for new homes and additions $360 in most cases 

  • CTS 3D Concept Designs 

  • As-Built Plans $1.20sf

  • Convert sketches to AutoCAD files ($1.20sf)

  • Convert DWG files to editable AutoCAD files ($1.20sf)

  • Home measuring ($360)

  • Measure you own home training (free)

  • Google Team online meeting to go over your project estimate (free)

CTS Project Services

  • Estimates*

  • Online meetings*

  • Video overviews*

  • Video links to share* 

  • 3D images*

  • Sketches*

  • Real Time updates*

  • Detailed workflow lists*

  • DWG files for engineers*

  • Google Team online meeting to give you ideas ($120hr)

  • Job site visits ($360 per hour)

  • In person meeting for ideas ($360 per hour with a two hour minimum

* Included in House Plans​

We are offering a complimentary 30-minute online meeting with Google Teams to review your project. Please email us to schedule a time, and we have availability on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 10:00 am or 2:00 pm.

Clients Love Us!

Thank you, Jennifer!  It’s been a pleasure working with you, Syndgen and Jules!  I can’t wait for this project to begin!  I’ll send pics when it’s all done. Sorry, I sound like my 7 year old wants her dance room for Christmas

Thanks again for making the process stress free! - Jamie W Keller TX 1,500sf attic addition

1.  Select the plans or designs you need

2.  Contact us by email for a complimentary quote.

Advantages of good planning before building a house include:

  1. Identifying and addressing potential problems before construction begins

  2. Establishing a clear budget and timeline for the project

  3. Ensuring that the design of the house meets the needs and preferences of the homeowner

  4. Maximizing the use of space and natural light

  5. Minimizing construction waste and ensuring efficient use of materials

  6. Facilitating efficient communication and coordination among all parties involved in the project, including the homeowner, architect, contractor, and any subcontractors

  7. Helping to ensure compliance with local building codes and regulations.

Call us to discuss your home and find out if we can assist you. We bring over 35 years of combined experience in building and design to the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and are now offering our expertise to contractors and homeowners who are remodeling or constructing new homes.
Image by Nick Morrison

Avoid unexpected budget surprises

- CTS real time Smart Sheet Project management updates

To many selections can be overwhelming

- Enjoy the design process with CTS professional designers guiding you through the creation of your space. 

Jobs can be scattered and complicated to bid.

- Receive accurate bidding from you contractor with a  complete product list and finished plans

Escape the stress and enjoy the process

- Predictable and reliable planning to keep your project moving forward. 

No one gets left out.

- Share your designs and project progress with family and friends with the CTS YouTube video updates of your home

Life happens

- Cancel at anytime with the CTS "Comfort Guarantee." 

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